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Virginia Chadwyck-Healey explains how to shop at designer outlet stores in Bicester Village from her home

Silk shirt, £ 270 (was £ 675), Pants: £ 250 (was £ 625), both Stella McCartney in Bicester Village; Shoes, £ 265 (was £ 525), Rupert Sanderson in the village of Bicester; Jeans, Ginnie’s available at Citizens of Humanity

With 160 brands and beautifully designed amenities, Bicester Village plays a major role in the Emporium Value Retail, which has 11 international locations. My favorite fact? Bicester is the second most visited English destination by Chinese tourists, behind Buckingham Palace. But not now. So what do you do when a pandemic shuts down your trading villages? Turn to WhatsApp and a good ol ‘phone call.

I knew I wasn’t going to pose with a Le Creuset dish or a White Company loofah (sorry, folks). I knew I wanted to wear British brands. For the sustainability factor, then, it made sense to test Stella McCartney, who has been spearheading an industry movement. Finally, since I know my feet love Rupert Sanderson, I thought I would try his Bicester experience.

Once I shared my cell phone number, I was greeted with a call from Guga Filho, Personal Purchasing Manager. A lively Brazilian, he was the ray of sunshine my day needed. He had a hotline to the shops and called Stella McCartney’s team. Before you could say “Copacabana,” Guga was sending me pictures of what was available. Like chatting with a friend, I could convey everything to him about my body shape, the colors I liked, how I liked things to hang, so he had what it took to figure out the right one. size in McCartney cuts. The Rupert Sanderson experience was also very fluid. Guga guided me to her Instagram account (@rsboutiquebicester) and flipped through the pictures, which were clearly labeled with sizes and prices. I texted from there, before getting a phone call to clarify the details. Two days later DHL delivered the shoes to me with a return label.

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