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University City Weighs Restrictions For Discount Stores On Olive Boulevard | Metro

Smotherson said, “My attempt is to control what we have. We have a new development planned at (Interstate 170) and Olive, and, if we concede a mile between the discount stores, we concede having a Family Dollar as a development opportunity.

City Councilor Stacy Clay pointed out that University City already has five discount and dollar stores on Olive.

“I understand market forces and competition, and that only those who succeed will stay,” he said. “But the research associated with these types of businesses and why they come in certain areas shows what could be a predatory design and reputation. We don’t want establishments with predatory reputations like payday loan companies. We decided that we didn’t want to allow them to proliferate on Olive, regardless of market forces. “

Years ago, the city had required small lending institutions and pawn shops to be in industrial or commercial districts, although some on Olive are grandfathered, and it could do the same with discount stores. said City Attorney John Mulligan.

Cross acknowledged that in some cities, discount and dollar stores can attack neighborhoods underserved by grocery stores.

“The beauty of a conditional use permit is that you can require it on a case-by-case basis,” he said.

City Councilor Steve McMahon said some discount stores are already “evolving to offer more” items such as fresh food, “so we need to identify the issues with them (in the legislation) so we don’t play games. cat and mouse where we set something but then they hit all the boxes and we have no reason not to approve them.

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