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The best Christmas stockings at dollar and discount stores in Philadelphia

Want to save money this holiday season? Don’t rule out your local dollar or discount store. Most sell a range of fun and useful Christmas stocking ideas – and the fluffy stockings to gift them in – at an affordable price.

We challenged three readers from across town to pick the best gems from a store near them. Each received $ 20 to spend. Take a look below to see what they found and get a taste of what you might be able to tag at a location near you.

Purchases for: A teacher friend who recently moved to a new home.

Purchases: 2 quart pitcher, plush bone dog toy, paper plates decorated with snowmen, paper napkins decorated with snowmen, blue oven mitt, set of two pot holders, Betty Crocker pasta spoon, “Some” tea towel like it hot ”, blue slotted spoon, glass salt and pepper shaker set, blue basket, pack of 12 erasers, two packs of 12 decorated pencils, pack of four owl sticker sheets, emoji sticker sheet, sign Free Hugs Greeting Cards, Donut Wall Stickers, $ 1 each.

Total spent (with taxes): $ 19.44

Favorite find: Betty Crocker pasta spoon.

“The kitchen supplies were way cheaper than I expected, and they had so many items,” Devlin said, noting that she was particularly impressed with the $ 1 ceramic plates. “It made me want to go back there for my own cooking supplies.”

Biggest Challenge: Only a quarter of the items in the store appeared to offer.

“Everything else was functional products, like sponges and soap,” Devlin said.

Would you like to come back? Definitively.

“You get a lot for a great price. I go there all the time to make little gift baskets for the teachers at my son’s daycare, all for $ 5 or less, ”Devlin said. “For Halloween, I gave them a ‘thank you because I know my kid is stressing you out’ basket with nail polish, bath bombs, a face mask and candy.”

Purchases for: A colleague and her 6-year-old child.

Purchases: LEGO City Satellite Service Spaceship Kit ($ 10), Snowflake Socks ($ 3), Reese’s 7.6 oz Minis Peanut Butter Cups Bag ($ 3.65), 4 oz Bag Haribo Starmix gelatin ($ 1), Santa squishy pen ($ 1))

Total spent (with taxes): $ 19.53

Favorite find: LEGO City Satellite Service Mission Spaceship Kit.

“I thought they would only have secondary brands, like Mega Bloks,” Keizer said. “They had a lot of variety, including $ 4 handbags with quick-fit sets and cases ranging from $ 10 to $ 25.”

Biggest Challenge: Prices range from $ 1 to $ 50, making it difficult to identify actual offers.

“A lot of things looked marked compared to a traditional dollar store. I had seen the exact same low at a Dollar Tree for $ 1, but it was $ 3.50 at Family Dollar, ”Keizer said. “For some items, I did some Google searches just to see if they were a good price.”

Would you like to come back? No.

“It was a lot harder than I thought. It wasn’t as giveaway as other dollar stores, and I spent a good 30 minutes looking for the bargains, ”Keizer said.

Shop: Five below, 2250 S. Columbus Blvd.

Purchases for: His daughters, 6 and 10 years old.

Purchases: Fuzzy Pom Pom Headphones ($ 5.55), Shark Plush Slippers ($ 5), Wet n Wild 6 Stick Lipstick Set ($ 5), iPhone 6, 7 or 8 case with purple crystal decal ($ 5.55).

Total spent (with taxes): $ 22.39

Favorite find: Fuzzy pom-pom headphones.

“I wanted to buy my 6 year old in-ear headphones because the headphones always fall off, and I was so happy to see them here,” Tascone said. “They’re very cute with the fluffy ears, which she’ll love I know.”

Biggest Challenge: Stick to $ 20.

“There was more than I would have gotten. They didn’t have a ton of toys, which I liked, because instead the store was stocked with functional kids’ items that were cute and fun, ”Tascone said. “There were lots of art supplies, like loose markers and cute sketchbooks, and a ton of cool candy you can’t always find elsewhere, and some cheap makeup.”

Would you like to come back? Definitively.

“I don’t go to Five Below often, but now I can see it as a great place for moms,” Tascone said. “I would shop here mainly for children, not for adults. “