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Tejon Outlet stores charged additional sales taxes, now the race is on to collect them

Did you shop at Tejon outlets in southern Kern County? You might have paid a little more in sales tax and you might not know it.

The Kern County grand jury, in a report released Thursday, found that 17 stores operating in the mall were collecting an additional 1% sales tax to comply with an increase in the town of Arvin sales tax .

The problem? Tejon points of sale are not within the city limits of Arvin.

Retailers were collecting the additional tax to comply with Measure L, a 2008 voter-approved sales tax to fund infrastructure upgrades and public safety services in the town of Arvin.

Unexpected sales tax revenue from Tejon buyers reached $ 701,516, the city told grand jurors.

Now city officials have set aside the funds and alerted retailers and their parent companies that they can claim their share of the excess sales tax sent to Arvin.

The push to reimburse excess sales tax payments to retailers, however, has a decline: Oct. 1.

Then, the City of Arvin will collect the unclaimed tax revenue.

What should they do with it? The Kern County Grand Jury had its own ideas: to fund the rehabilitation of the city’s roads.

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