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SHOPPING: There are a lot of great deals in discount stores

Don’t be snobbish and walk past discount stores, it could cut your cleaning and personal hygiene bills in half

Don’t discount discount stores. Shopping at Silly Solly’s isn’t silly, you shouldn’t dismiss The Reject Shop and there are some real bargains in Bargain City.

Recorded by Michelle Put the discount stores to the test and find that when it comes to personal care and cleaning products, shopping at discount stores will cut your bills in half or more.

This doesn’t mean the food isn’t cheap, but it’s important to check the expiration dates.

If, in the case of Silly Solly’s you’re going to be making the trip to Logan – or from Thursday to Morayfield, when he opens a new store – you want to stock up on products that will last for more than a few weeks. Take, for example, the Finish dishwasher cleaning tablets.

At The Reject Shop, a 54-table Quantum Max Powerball Finish Mega Pack will set you back $ 15. Compare that with Coles, which offers the Finish Quantum dishwasher tablets in a 34-pack for $ 17.

Of course, it’s not comparable, but does it really make a difference in the cleanliness of your dishes?

And at Bargain City a Finish Classic box of 60 dishwasher tablets was $ 10 and at Silly Solly’s for its Morayfield store opening next week, the gossip is that it will sell that same box for $ 5.

It’s the same with soap. A four pack of Dove soaps was $ 4 at Silly Solly (you could choose from micellar, creamy, and scrub varieties).

At The Reject Shop, it was $ 3.70 for the four packet of shea butter.

At Woolies, we could only find the “Fresh Touch” scent in a four-pack which cost $ 6.80 while Coles had the “sensitive skin” four-pack for the same price.

So if you just want Dove soap and don’t care about the smell, you’ll clean at discount stores.

The same goes for pacifiers.

Before the NRL final today Recorded by Michelle filled the basket with BBQ Sausage & Onion Flavored Pringles for $ 1 at Silly Solly’s and Salt and Vinegar Flavored Pringles at The Reject Shop for $ 2.50 – Pringles in major supermarkets cost around 3 $ on special.

Steve Watchman, director of Silly Solly’s, says there is no longer the stigma attached to shopping at discount stores.

Silly Solly’s plans to open up to four stores in and around Brisbane over the next 12 months – one before Christmas and one just after.

“It’s a fertile time,” he said.

“The way the economy is going, interest rates and we’re talking about a recession. People need to save money.

He said that while purchasing power made it possible to keep their “promise of nothing more than $ 5,” it meant it resulted in a loss on some items.

“We are doing our best to make a profit and the stores are profitable,” Mr. Watchman said. “But not all items are profitable for us.

“Traditionally, discounters will work on anything between 60 and 65% gross profit overall, we’re very 30 highs and 40 lows.

“We have to make a little margin, but because we sell more, we can work on a lower margin.”

The trick to really doing a murder then is figuring out what items they’re losing to get you in.

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