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You’ve probably been to one or two malls in your lifetime. Many typically consist of a Gap, Coach, The Children’s Place, Kate Spade, and more. While I enjoy getting good deals on items that I will be using in some way, I have also noticed that my sharp buying skills come to an end the second I walk in. in the store with the word “outlet” attached.

Not all outlet stores are created equal and sometimes you would have been better off in the sales section of your local retailer. Some items are more expensive than in retail stores and brands like Coach have their own line of outlet items which defeats the goal of saving on products in retail stores. Putting all that aside, there are some in demand brands that you won’t find in many malls that will be worth a trip or a visit on your next vacation. Here are the ones I would put at the top of my priority list:

Country of Nod Outlet: This Naperville, IL outlet offers furniture, lighting, artwork, toys, bedding and more. If you’ve ever shopped at Land of Nod, you know the prices are a bit steep. If you can forget a scratch on a dresser or a missing button and don’t mind shopping for discontinued items, this outlet store may be a dream. Don’t expect to get super low prices because you hardly ever see any retail store items on sale especially furniture but you can still get some really amazing deals.

DWR socket (Design Within Reach): I love mid-century modern furniture, so every time I walk past the Santa Monica, CA retail store, I dream of redoing my entire living room. While I love most of the items at DWR, I hate the price tag. Some sofas cost over $ 15,000 and even table lighting will set you back between $ 100 and $ 1,000. So when I discovered the location of the outlet warehouse in New Jersey, I was thrilled. If you are willing to ignore minor scratches on large pieces, then you may be in for a good deal. The more damaged the product, the higher the discount. So if you are a handyman, this is where you can save a lot of money.

Urban Outfitters Surplus Store: If you love the Urban Outfitters retail store and are visiting Hollywood on a family vacation, you must visit the Surplus Store in Sherman Oaks, CA. You can find a good selection of products for men and women as well as other items. The store has a dedicated wall for $ 5 and under and you can find dresses for as low as $ 10. You have to browse through the selections to find something you like, but once you get the full cost at checkout it will be worth the effort.

Lululemon outlet: Even though the company has attracted media attention to see-through yoga pants in the past, sales are still steady and women love the clothes. The clothes are made to fit perfectly and even give women the motivation to start working out. The only problem is that the prices are a bit steep and most people can only afford a few key pieces from their collection. If you’ve ever searched for Lulu items on eBay, second-hand items even have high selling prices due to the high demand for the brand. So, for deal seekers near a point of sale, you can buy five to seven items for the price of two to four items. There are a handful of outlets scattered all over the country.

West Elm Outlet : If you can’t afford the DWR prices and want a similar mid-century modern style, West Elm is the more affordable option. The prices are comparable to CB2, which is the youngest and most affordable line from Crate and Barrel. At the factory outlet you get even better prices. They offer additional savings on top of the already great prices throughout the year, making them a bargain-finder’s paradise. The store is located in Riverhead, New York. If I lived within 200 miles of this store I would visit because I love the furniture and the lighting and it would be worth the trip.

Zappos exit / 6PM: Have you ever visited 6pm.com and wished there was a physical store that you could visit? Look no further, because it really does exist in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. For any shoe lover, this is your candy store. Just go to Yelp and search for “Zappos Shoe Outlet” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The prices are so good and the choices are endless.