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Neiman Marcus to close most of its outlet stores and cut 500 jobs

Luxury clothing retailer Neiman Marcus announcement this week most of his Latest Call Factory Outlets will close.

The statement said the closures allow Nieman Marcus to “develop its luxury clientele and sell at a high price.”

Official closure dates have yet to be announced, but the statement says the majority of Last Call stores are expected to close by the first quarter of fiscal 2021. About 500 jobs will be cut over the next eight months.

Some stores will remain open to serve as a sales channel for Neiman Marcus’ residual inventory and to “focus on serving key high-value luxury customers,” the statement said.

A store closure list has yet to be released. There is only one Last Call location in New Jersey, Bergen city center at Paramus.

A spokesperson for Neiman Marcus did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether Paramus’s location will be affected. A store manager said he was not “allowed to comment.”

In 2019, Neiman Marcus closed a Last Call store in The Mills of Jersey Gardens at Elisabeth’s. Up to 25 employees were affected.

Neiman Marcus Last Call sells designer and luxury products at discounted prices.

There is currently 22 Neiman Marcus Last Call stores in the United States, according to a CNN report.

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