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Large discount stores become the main points of sale for imported wine

This archive photo shows a customer choosing a wine.  (Yonhap)

This archive photo shows a customer choosing a wine. (Yonhap)

SEOUL, August 25 (Korea Bizwire)Departmental discount stores have become the main outlets for consumers to purchase imported wine, a consumer watchdog said Tuesday.

According to a survey by the Korea Consumer Agency (KCA) of 1,000 local consumers who had purchased imported wine in the past year, Chilean wines made up the largest share of purchases with 41.1% of the total of imported wines.

In terms of satisfaction level (the highest score is seven), French wines take first place with a score of 5.47, followed by Chilean wines with 5.46, American wines with 5.38, Spanish wines with 5.29 and Italian wines with 5.28.

When it comes to the main outlet for consumers to purchase imported wine, large discount stores lead the way with 72.8%, followed by department stores at 10.8%, specialty spirits stores at 9, 1% and convenience stores at 5.2%.

At 44.5 percent, almost half of all consumers chose taste as the most important factor in choosing imported wine.

An analysis of the average price of imported wines based on data monitored by the KCA showed that the average price of Chilean wines was 3,185 won (US $ 2.73) per 100 milliliters, down from 35.5 % compared to 2018 figure.

During the same period, the average price of French wines, Italian wines and American wines fell by 12.3%, 10% and 0.1% respectively.

The KCA attributed the decline in average prices of imported wines to the diversification of sales channels to large discount stores and convenience stores, and the emergence of various applications that make it easier for consumers to compare the prices of imported wines. .

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