Outlet stores

Excellent value for money in B2 outlet stores

Face it, most people have to be careful about how they spend their money, so we’re always on the lookout for stores that are great value for money. But we also want to buy stylish clothes and furniture, the latest toys and popular food brands.

We found a one of a kind store that almost sounds too good to be true, prices cut in half or less, with new, high quality products and the money you spend there going back into our community to help others. It is called B2.

>>> Watch in the video above.

B2 has 17 stores, and two more will be opening soon, one in Gaylord which will open in August and one in Muskegon by the end of the year.

They also have some great offers, B2 bonus dollars run until the end of June. They also offer a senior citizen discount, where you receive 10% off your purchase every Tuesday and serving military members and veterans get 20% off every first Wednesday of the month.

Since the merchandise in stores is constantly changing, a helpful tip is to check out their website, where they feature the products being sold in their stores. You cannot buy the items online, but you can see the inventory and it lists the store where you can buy it.

B2 factory outlets

  • www.b2outlets.com
  • Locations in: Walker, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Big Rapids, Hastings, Holland, Hudsonville, Kentwood and Wyoming

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