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Convenience stores overtake major discount stores in 2021 sales l KBS WORLD

Photo: Yonhap News

The combined sales of the country’s top three convenience store operators exceeded those of the three discount department stores.

According to data from the Department of Commerce, Industry and Energy on Wednesday, the country’s top three convenience store operators – GS25, CU and 7-Eleven – accounted for 15.9% of total retail industry sales. distribution of the country. year.

The country’s top three retailers – Emart, Lotte Mart and Homeplus – took 15.7%.

The ministry’s data is compiled from 12 of the country’s retailers, namely three department stores, three discount stores, three convenience stores, four super supermarkets and Coupang, an e-commerce company.

Among offline retailers, convenience stores accounted for 30.7% of total sales last year, second only to department stores, which held the largest share at 32.9%. Discount stores came third with 30.4%.

Discount stores retained the top spot in offline sales through 2019, but department stores saw sales jump more than 24% year-on-year last year to take the top spot.

Convenience store sales rose 6.8% last year from a year earlier, while those at discount stores fell 2.3% year on year.