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Clarks Outlet Stores Change School Shoe Services and It’s Much Easier

While the lockdown and closure of schools in March feels like an age since we had a slice of normalcy, September is almost upon us.

This means parents and children will plan and prepare for the reopening of schools as shops across the UK drop new school uniforms and back to school materials.

One of the many tasks parents face at the start of a school year is new school shoes, but that’s good news if you buy your own at one of the Clarks outlet stores.

This is because you will no longer have to deal with the dreaded cash machine and endless queues for fittings, reports. Manchester Evening News.

Due to the need to maintain social distancing, the retailer allows parents to book their children’s shoe fitting appointments in advance.

Previously, they should have come to the store and grab a ticket to wait in the seemingly endless queue of fed up parents and children.

It’s not as fancy as the general Clarks stores, where appointments can be booked online through the website here, but all it takes is a quick phone call to the store to book and it’s already proving popular with time-constrained parents.

As in previous years, additional measuring space will also be installed outside the store to provide more space for fixtures.

You can always show up without an appointment and if it is crowded you can reserve a time slot for later in the day.

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