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City of Toledo considers moratorium on discount stores

Stores like Dollar General and Dollar Tree fall into the category considered for the moratorium. The argument is that they bring no value to the community.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Toledo takes another step toward extending its moratorium on small retailers like Family Dollar and Dollar General in Toledo. The argument: stores offer no value to the neighborhoods in which they settle.

There are 19 Dollar General stores throughout the city of Toledo.

Add Family Dollar and Dollar Tree and that number is even higher.

Which makes some people say enough is enough. They tell the city that they don’t want to appear anymore.

“Big box stores including dollar stores and Dollar General are deliberately targeting low income neighborhoods and they’re cancerous in those neighborhoods,” said Rev. Donald Perryman.

Perryman believes that these companies do not bring any benefit to the surrounding neighborhoods and in fact create problems. He says just the fact that there is a vacant space is not enough reason to add another, a new store.

“Are you saying, ‘people should take garbage because that’s all that’s available?’ Or should we keep looking for different options? Better options? ”Said Perryman.

Perryman says the city should instead offer incentives for local grocers to open. But Dollar General spokeswoman Crystal Luce says these stores should be treated like grocery stores as a misconception.

“Basically, we are not a grocery store, we are a general merchant, and therefore in each store we have a number of food products and in each Dollar general store there will be components for a healthier diet,” he said. said Luce. .

As for the argument that their stores aren’t promoting anything nutritional, she says three of Toledo’s 19 locations will have fresh produce by the end of the month.

“When we have the ability to serve customers with healthier options, including products, we seek to do so,” Luce said.

Luce says that due to the current moratorium, Dollar General has suspended all expansion plans in Toledo.


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