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B2 Outlet Stores opens its first store in the Detroit subway in Canton

B2 factory outlets, a retailer that donates at least 51% of its profits to youth organizations, chose Canton for its first location in the Detroit subway.

Store officials say business has been stable since B2, short for Benefit Twice Outlet Stores, debuted in the eastern part of the state on April 26 at the Center Village mall, southwest of Ford Roads and Canton Center.

On a recent sunny afternoon, Kathleen Kunkle took advantage of her lunch break at the Westbrook Salon in Canton to stop at B2 and browse the women’s clothing section. She quickly found a multi-colored skirt that she said she could wear with most tops.

“They have some great deals here,” Kunkle said, adding that she would “absolutely” come back.

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Jonathan Norder, Marketing Director of B2, explained the Benefit Twice concept. It benefits customers with reduced prices on brand new overstock merchandise. And this benefits youth organizations, which can make money in two ways.

As part of the Shop2Give option, groups can direct customers to the B2 store using flyers, Facebook posts, email, church announcements, and websites. They earn 10 percent of the money these customers spend over a four-day period.

Customers only need to bring a leaflet or documentation of the youth effort.

Under the Prepared 2 Service option, youth organizations can have volunteers work in store B2 and earn $ 10 for every hour worked as they pack merchandise for cashiers, hang clothes on shelves and clean the store, among other tasks. Youth groups can also set up an information kiosk inside the store during the same four-day period.

Norder said youth groups can apply for the programs at http://www.b2outlets.com. He said youth organizations can typically earn between $ 600 and $ 2,000 through the Shop2Give effort and up to $ 1,600 through the volunteer option.

Norder said that B2 also sells goods through an online auction at www.bid-2-benefit-youth.com, where the company focuses on the clearance of goods.

Canton B2 stores clothes, toys, furniture, refrigerators, pet food, diapers, chocolates and other goods. The company is based in Zeeland and has nine stores in Michigan, primarily in the western part of the state. It also has stores in Tulare, California, and Shorewood, Illinois.

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A Christian organization, B2 was founded by a former youth pastor, Duane Smith, and his son Matt. The goal is to have a successful business while helping youth and young adults become responsible and productive in their communities.

Canton store manager Angel Moran said the first steps have already been taken for B2 to work with The BLOCK youth center in Canton and a youth group from NorthRidge Church.

Deputy store manager Brianna Youschuk said on Monday that business had been good for the first few days. A line formed at the counter shortly after his remarks.

“The clients are very friendly and very interested in the programs we have,” Youschuk said, adding that B2 is a great place to work as well. “We are not just employees. We are family.”

Florence Bascom de Belleville is part of this family. Hanging clothes on a shelf, she said she volunteered at the Canton store about eight hours a week after her pastor told her about it.

Bascom said customers can buy two boxes of breakfast cereal for the price they would pay for one box at a regular grocery store.

“Everyone said the prices were great,” she said. “Everyone is looking for a good deal.”

Norder said B2 has been in business for just over four years. He said Canton seemed like the right place to enter Detroit’s metro market, as it is located near other communities such as Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor and Plymouth.

“We felt Canton was a good junction for the Detroit subway,” he said.

Contact the Canton store at 734-404-6451.

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