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Amazon plans to offload unsold goods through pandemic-stranded discount stores

Amazon is known to have considered launching discount stores or similar outlets where it would sell the millions of unsold items that end up accumulating in its warehouses each year. These can be either permanent stores open all year round or pop-up outlets set up in high-traffic areas only during shopping season.

However, it will only be smaller items that would be sold through such outlets which mainly include toys, household items, kitchen items, electronic products and accessories, etc. No clothing will be sold through these locations. The products would be offered at heavily discounted and cut prices, possibly with lots of freebies as well.

This would deviate significantly from the usual practice at Amazon where goods that it doesn’t sell in a year that easily sell in the millions are usually destroyed to free up space. The company had previously said it would change its policy in favor of unsold items and give them away instead of destroying them.

While such a thought process led to the idea of ​​creating discount stores, the pandemic has killed the plans for the time being. It’s not yet clear when Amazon will relaunch the idea, but it won’t be until most of the population is vaccinated. Amazon is expanding its bookstores and fresh groceries.

That said, it will still be a good idea to offer products at a discount rather than having them destroyed. Considering the popularity of Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday sales, the fact that the discount stores offered by Amazon will have huge footfall is almost a guarantee. With the pandemic on the way out, we may see such stores appear soon enough.

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