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All stand-alone Carphone Warehouse stores are closing

(Pocket-lint) – Carphone Warehouse is set to close all its stores in the UK, with around 60% of staff on the verge of losing their jobs.

The move is slightly more complex than that, as Carphone is part of the same company that owns Currys PC World and so you will still be able to buy phones from the 305 Carphone Warehouse stores in those stores.

Dixons says he’s committed to expanding the footprint of his stores, saying that’s “why we’re investing tens of millions of pounds there and in the thousands of fellow experts who work there. But it’s also why unfortunately we have to close the small stores. “

While the company says it has yet to see an effect due to the coronavirus outbreak, the reduction in footfall on UK Main Street must have factored in the timing of the decision, although we heard that the decision was being considered. for a while.

The group formerly known as Dixons Stores Group (DSG) and now known as Dixons Carphone says closures account for around 8% of its current sales area.

The company says this is “an essential next step in making mobile a sustainable and profitable category and staying on track with our long-term transformation of the group.”

Interestingly, Dixons Carphone says the effect on products from the coronavirus outbreak has been fairly minimal, stating that “supply constraints have been limited to a few products and we have been, and continue to be, in able to work closely with suppliers to secure stocks or source products in unaffected areas. “

Electricity sales “held up” with the exception of Dixons Travel stores which were hit by the collapse in air passenger numbers.

“Clearly, with unsustainable losses of £ 90million expected this year, Mobile is currently holding back the overall business,” said Alex Baldock, CEO of Dixons Carphone Group. “There is never an easy time for an announcement like this, but the turbulent times ahead only underscore the importance of acting now.”

“Customers are moving more and more not only to our large and growing online business, but also to our department stores, where they can find all the experts and technology they need.

“But they can’t find all of that in the small, mobile-only stores that are one-twentieth the size; they visit them less and therefore those stores lose more money.”

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