Discount stores

4 stocks to watch as inflation-hit consumers turn to discount stores

A strengthening labor market and strategic efforts undertaken at the corporate level are working in tandem for the Zacks Retail – Discount Stores industry. Moreover, the strategy of selling products at discounted prices has helped industry players attract customers who are currently feeling the pinch of rising prices. The search for cheaper alternatives, whether for […]

Outlet stores

6 Things to Know About Aritzia’s Surprisingly Affordable Factory Outlets in Canada

What’s better than scoring a lot? If you’re an avid Aritzia shopper, you might not know that there are actually Aritzia Outlet Stores across Canada where you can find tons of great deals and discounted items. With locations in multiple provinces, Factory Outlets sell more sale items than Aritzia’s Retail Stores and this is where […]

Discount stores

Anti-inflation offers from French supermarkets and the opening of new discount stores

Several large supermarkets in France have launched offers to help combat rising costs and rising inflation in a bid to support public purchasing power. Two new discount stores are also opening in France. Here we summarize some of the main supermarket offers (these may only be in place in certain stores and there may be […]