Discount stores

Discount stores are raising prices at a faster rate than many other grocery stores amid inflation

Sheri Thompson is struggling to stretch her family’s $200 weekly food budget with nationwide grocery prices up 13.5% since last August. “My grandson, he comes in and says, ‘Nana, we should be lunchtime now. And I said, ‘No. We actually skipped lunch. We’re having dinner,’ said Thompson. She shops at Dollar General, where new data […]

Outlet stores

Deals are just waiting to be found at Goodwill Outlet Stores

DENVER (KDVR) — It’s part game show, part savings and for many it’s highly addictive. It’s shopping at the Goodwill Outlet Stores. Thrifters, pinball machines and eBayers lined up outside the Goodwill Outlet Store on Kearney Street from 8.30am. Once admitted at 9 am, they took their seats. It’s not their first rodeo. The giant […]

Discount stores

Should you accumulate Dollar General Corp. (DG) in the discount store industry?

Hill 72 InvestorsObserver gives the shares of Dollar General Corp. (DG) places it near the top of the discount store industry. In addition to scoring more than 83% of stocks in the discount store industry, DG’s overall rating of 72 means the stock scores better than 72% of all stocks. DG has an overall score […]