Discount stores

No discount stores in Mauldin for 6 months under the city’s moratorium

As new developments continue to sprout from all corners of Mauldin, one type of business you won’t see advertised in the next six months in the city is another dollar store. The city has temporarily suspended the development of such businesses, with a six-month moratorium on the development of small discount stores adopted by Mauldin […]

Warehouse stores

Bathu sneakers to expand their footprint, create jobs with a new warehouse, stores

The opening of the Centurion warehouse is expected to create around 100 jobs. The founder and CEO of Bathu, Theo Baloyi. Image: Supplied JOHANNESBURG – Famous South African sneaker brand Bathu continues to make waves. Known for its colorful and bold designs, the brand announced the opening of a warehouse in Centurion. Founder and CEO […]