July 25, 2019

Why should you take out health insurance?

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We all know the good quality of Public Health in Spain, but surely we are also very familiar with the lack of staff, waiting and lack of investment in the proper maintenance of it. Well, as a reaction to all this, many people consider taking out health insurance, especially those who have families. Thus, they can enjoy better access to their health care, and can even choose the doctor and the specialty without waiting or going around many times waiting for a referral.

Here are some of the benefits that private health insurance gives you:

Here are some of the benefits that private health insurance gives you:

Agility and speed: As we have said before, thanks to this insurance you can access health care in a faster and faster way. This will help you save on a very precious asset for all of us, such as time.

Emergency services: We have all experienced at some time a wait in the public emergencies of our country. Well, if you have health insurance you have access to private health, where the waiting rooms are much less crowded and will assist you without waiting a long time.

Primary and specialized assistance

Primary and specialized assistance

This insurance also allows you to go to the specialist you decide without having to go through the attending physician to make the referral. Therefore, in addition, you can choose from a large number of doctors that are closest to your home or have been recommended.

Medical treatments: the centers to which you have access with your health insurance usually make available to their patients the most innovative and effective techniques and treatments. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that you can request a second opinion from another doctor within the same specialty.

Access to centers and doctors throughout the national territory: Even if you hire your insurance in your city, if you travel to another place within Spain you can have access to professionals and centers in other provinces.

International attention

International attention

With your health insurance policy you can be treated in other countries as the insurers have agreements with international health centers, something that allows you to be treated if you have any emergency or medical problem during your stay abroad. This, in many cases, occurs without additional cost. In addition, to this is added that, in case of an accident and you have to urgently return to your place of residence, the insurance covers the repatriation or transfer of a relative where you are.

Dental care: This area may interest you a lot given the costs of private dental centers and the reduced coverage of public health in this area. If you have a private health policy, you already have access to some services and discounts on dental interventions. In addition, there are dental coverages within many of the private health insurances that cover services such as cleaning, fillings, splint or x-rays.


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