July 24, 2019

How to Manage Money Smartly

It is true that the economic environment is not favorable and that many families today face enormous challenges in maintaining their responsibilities, meeting their needs and managing money. However, even in good times it was possible to see that many families were anxiously waiting for the end of the month to receive their wages and thus to get the money needed to settle all or part of their responsibilities.

Despite the visible economic instability, this panorama has not contributed to a greater awareness of the families in the management of money, as they continue to feel the need to approach the end of the month to obtain the liquidity they need.

It’s Possible to Improve Your Life


There is nothing wrong with this financial way of life. However, it is possible to live better without the worry and urgent need of the end of the month, by simply clarifying what is important for each of us. It is true that many will say that their wages are so low that it is impossible to keep all their responsibilities up to date and still save money, yet many will also say that what they get is enough for a good, balanced and healthy life, Wages.

  • But what is a good life?
  • How can a family that earns the minimum wage manage to have a good life and still save money for the future?
  • And the ones who get what they know the others do not know?
  • Why does a high salary not mean a financially balanced life?

From a personal point of view to a good life is extremely difficult to explain, however, we all agree that a healthy, balanced and long life can represent a good life. If we notice when we think of living more and better, we rarely think of money for this, however, we think about health, family, friends, among others.

What will these desires be? Are not our values? Is it not what we have without it that we need money to get them? Are not the most valuable stones the ones we have access to daily free of charge?

It is true that we all understand these values, but not all of us recognize their “value.” In fact, we only recognize it when we lose it and what we lose in this field is irrecoverable.

Valuing what is Free

Valuing what is Free

After much research on why many families had fantastic lives, filled with joy and still with incredible savings rates earning just over the minimum wage, I found that all of them value much more than what is offered to them for free than what they need to buy I own it.

They value living, healthy living, contact with nature, among others. They do not crave great financial achievements, but they work hard to feel happy in the community.

In the same way, I have noticed that incredible saving concepts are present that can be useful for all who wish to have a balanced financial life and without waiting until the end of the month to pay their responsibilities.

Make the Monthly Budget

Make the Monthly Budget

Few are the ones I met who actually use a monthly budget in paper or file format, however mentally they are trained to manage all the money they have. They clearly know where their money goes, where it comes from, and how they can use it. They know the detail of each expense they have, and they try, without distinction, to save the most of each one.

They value the cent and recognize its value. One cent is one cent. Equally, they can very easily make quick calculations mentally by calculating the logic of mathematics to determine the potential of a financial decision.


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