July 24, 2019

Good lender Group offers three types of loans to consumers

Within 2013, the company earned money of EUR 1, 805 million, and its turnover because year amounted to EUR 6, 725 million. Right now, the company ranks 505th within net turnover, but in 105th place among all businesses in these indicators in Latvia. One of the commercial banks within Latvia – the Good Loan provider Bank, which owns 51% of the company’s shares, can be viewed as the owner of this company.

The company’s working time each and every branch is different, So the functioning hours of the nearest credit score center have to be individually decided. This can be done on the Great lender Group website. About this website, you can apply for a mortgage, learn all about the loan, as well as get information regarding the company and its partners. All of this is easy to find because the internet site is easy to see. This website also provides borrowers to register and watch information on their profile simply by email and password.

Good lender Team offers three types of financial loans to consumers

Good lender Group offers three types of loans to consumers

Fast loans, credit for products or services without renting and car leasing. Fast loans can be borrowed through 100 to 1500 pounds for a period of 1 in order to 48 months. The extensive loan without collateral could be received in the amount of a hundred to 5000 euros using the same repayment term — from 1 to 48 months.

You are able to get a loan in the quantity of 1500 to 25000 pounds in the car leasing, through 1 to 60 several weeks. Since the offer of Good loan provider Group is very wide, the eye for each loan is computed individually. Loan repayment conditions can be extended by getting in touch with a Good lender Group worker who has signed a loan contract. This deadline may be delayed by a maximum of 15 times.

The company alone does not offer interest-free financial loans

The company itself does not offer interest-free loans

but it can be used simply by several companies. If you are applying for credit, you will receive a response inside the same day or the following business day. The loan cash is transferred to the accounts within a few days after putting your signature on the contract. The company includes a lot of partners in a broad variety of activities, so there are a lot of marketing promotions offered. The loyalty plan offers loans with reduced interest rates.

You are able to buy goods at lower price stores. In the past, the Good loan provider Group has been faced with punitive sanctions for excessive marketing campaign advertising. By the end of 2014, the penalties were enforced on campaign slogans that will offer a benefit that experienced nothing to do with the financing service itself.

Conditions for receiving a customer loan

Conditions for receiving a consumer loan

From Great Lender Group is similar to some other lending companies. Must be a completely independent resident of Latvia from the ages of 21 to 70 using a declared place of residence within Latvia. There should be no past due payment or debt with this particular and other credit companies. Require an account with a commercial financial institution in Latvia and a way to obtain constant income.

When applying for a loan, you have to provide personal information and get in touch with information. If the customer includes a bad credit history, the mortgage is decided by the company professionals.


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