December 10, 2019

Easter payday loan – A quick cash register for the holidays.

Easter is a time of joy, meeting loved ones and celebrating a new beginning. However, it can not be hidden that the Christmas season also abounds in additional expenses. Organization of a gala dinner, a visit to relatives at the other end of the country or a family day full of attractions – it all costs. In addition, quite a few. A critique at

If you want to repair your family budget, it may be a good idea to take out a non-bank loan. Let’s check when lending money turns out to be a bull’s-eye, and when it is definitely better to give it up.
Many people, looking for money to cover Easter expenses, decide to use the services of non-bank lenders. It is hardly surprising. Lending companies look at less reliable customers much more favorably than banks.

A popular payday loan can be given to a pensioner, student, or even a person with a negative credit history at BIK or whose data has been entered in the register of debtors.

To borrow money, you often only need your ID card, account number and mobile phone number.

Unfortunately, the huge availability of quick loans also has its disadvantages. What?

They are often used by people who are simply unable to return their money on time. And this entails long-term and extremely unpleasant consequences.

Wait a minute for Easter – measure your strength on intentions

Wait a minute for Easter - measure your strength on intentions

Before you reach for a quick loan for Easter, realistically assess your financial capabilities. Check if the amount you need to pay the debt remains after you have received your salary and regular expenses in your wallet.

This calculation, though the simplest one, seems to make the most sense.

Also, think about what will happen if unplanned expenses appear in your path. Failure of a car, household appliances, or maybe the need to finance a private visit to the doctor? When will your financial plan break up, where do you get the money to pay back the loan?

If you have Plan B and you know that you can manage in such circumstances, a quick online loan can be a hit.

How to get the cheapest loan for Easter?

How to get the cheapest loan for Easter?

If you have thought through your decision and are sure you want to take out a loan, do it wisely. Smart, which is cheap in this case. Why pay for money you can have completely free? Yes – there are lenders who grant quick loans for $ 0. If you want to know in which companies you can borrow money at no extra charge, check out our article.

Free loans – how does it work?

Free loans - how does it work?

Free loans are only dedicated to new customers. By reaching for such payday loans you will not pay interest, commissions, insurance and any other additional fees. The lender will also not charge you hidden costs, which he did not mention earlier.

How does a lender profit from borrowing money for free?

There is no doubt that some customers who will reach for their first payday loan will stay with the lender for longer. Some people will take out another loan (this time the interest rate is in the standard way), others – unable to return the money on time, will reach for a refinancing loan or take advantage of the extension of the repayment date.

It is those borrowers who will not stop at one moment will be a source of income for the company.

Is it profitable to borrow money for free?

Of course! If you are sure that you will be able to return the money on time, nothing prevents you from reaching for payday loans without fees.

Are you in BIK? Choose your lender carefully

Are you in BIK? Choose your lender carefully

If, as a result of past mistakes, your story in the Credit Information Bureau leaves much to be desired, the choice of lender should be even more careful. Although it may seem that receiving a loan from BIK is a standard among loan companies, this is just an appearance. Many lenders verify BIK resources and look into the registers of Economic Information Bureaus, commonly known as debtors’ registers.

Before you reach for a quick loan, make sure that the lender of your choice not only has a stable position on the market, but also … does not check the resources of BIK and BIGs.

This will increase your chance of getting extra money.

Do you want to find a company that provides loans without BIK? Check our ranking of the best lenders who do not verify the resources of the Credit Information Bureau 

Wise Pole from harm

Wait a minute for Easter - measure your strength on intentions

Thoughtful financial decision making will help you avoid many long-term consequences. Not being able to pay back the loan on time can not only have financial consequences, but also a huge amount of stress. Powerlessness, frustration and anger resulting from a difficult situation for the borrower can effectively ruin the Easter atmosphere.

And then a richly set table and expensive gifts for children will definitely be of secondary importance.


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